Food Dudes Trial Healthy Eating Initiative (from Knutsford Guardian)

L.A. Area Elementary Students Learn About Healthy Eating And Recycling With Edible Garden

Using behaviour change methods, Food Dudes aim to increase childrens consumption of fruit and vegetables and decrease the intake of sweet and fatty foods. The new programme is being piloted by a year four class at St Vincents RC primary school which, along with Tatton MP George Osborne, was demonstrated to Cheshire East councillor Rachel Bailey. I announced at the Autumn Statement last week the launch of free school meals to key stage one school children, said Mr Osborne. So its great to see today a local school and a local organisation, in my own constituency in Tatton, running a programme designed to encourage children to make healthy eating choices. With real evidence behind it, the Food Dudes programme and initiatives such as these will help ensure that the governments investment in free school meals will not only help hardworking families on cost, but will have a real impact in helping to improve healthy eating. Year four pupil Nevan Kiernan said: The blueberries are my favourite, and Mange Tout, Ive had something like them before but at school was the first time I tried them and they are really good. By the time they leave primary school, more than a third of all children in the North West are overweight or obese. The children have had a great time learning all about the programme, watching the fun movies about the Dudes, taking part in the tasting sessions and getting Dudes rewards, said St Vincents head teacher, Roisin Moores. The programme is well designed to change the childrens eating habits through fun and garcinia cambogia side effects engaging activities, which provides a great framework for improvement. Food Dudes moved to Knutsford at the beginning of the year and is the brainchild of company chairman, professor Fergus Lowe.
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Side-step healthy-eating obstacles during the holidays

Nontraditional approach keeps family-owned  gym business fit

With all the cookies, nuts, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip surrounding you, mindless picking can easily add up to a meal’s worth or more of calories and send you way over your carb budget. Instead, plan to eat one of your three daily meals at the party. And when you do, inspect the offerings first before loading up your plate. Make your first trip for vegetables and salad (bring a veggie tray to share if menu choices are in doubt). The challenge: You’re eating out a lot.
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Watch out for dips and sauces, they add the most calories and fat to most buffet tables and it’s easy to be mid-conversation and dip a carrot into 100 worthless calories of ranch dressing. Stick with whole foods and make a goal to eat “closer to the farm” by avoid highly processed foods. QUIZ: Find Your Eating Personality 8. Gum Chew it after you’ve had an appropriate serving of food. It will help you to avoid “picking” at the table. 9.
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Healthy eating costs you $1.50 more a day

“The garden is a tangible reminder of healthy living and sustainability,” said Edith Ballesteros-Vargas, director of BEST Fit at LA’s BEST. “We’ll use it as an outdoor classroom to teach our students that today’s plastic bottle can help nurture tomorrow’s school garden. This is a great example of Expanded Learning thinking outside the classroom.” For the second straight year, the American Chemistry Council is sponsoring an installation of a “green garden” at an LA’s BEST school—crucial-data-released-231403591.html site. Last year, elected officials joined ACC and community members to enhance gardens at Hooper Avenue and Los Feliz elementary schools. The project aims to encourage young people to help protect the planet by recycling every day, at home and at school. “We want to inspire future generations to practice healthy habits,” said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council. “You’re never too young to learn to recycle everyday items like water bottles, yogurt cups, wraps and bags.
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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Their time is worth more to them than the extra cost of the food. December 6, 2013 at 21:53 | Report abuse | Reply FiveLIters My guess is,if those same people would step away from their (take your pick) Xbox/FaceBook/Twitter/TV/etc. they would find they have more than enough time to prepare dinner. And being that everyone,even in the hood,has an iPhone or some variant of cell phone,maybe that $100+/month could go towards the $1.50/day the article mentions. But hey,everyone -has- to have a phone…so they can send a bunch of inane texts back and forth to each other. Why bother investing in your health? December 7, 2013 at 02:34 | Report abuse | BH If you are truly calculating time, then what about the time it takes to go to the restaurant or the time that you spend waiting to be seated maybe you should even factor in the time it takes to be served.
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Young women ‘need better support’ for healthy eating

Pregnant lady preparing a salad

These strategies involved increasing people’s confidence in choosing and cooking healthy foods, ensuring they have ease of access to fruits and vegetables, and adopting local media campaigns to advertise the benefits of healthy eating. Dr. Mary Baker, of the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit at the University of Southampton and one of the study authors, says: “Young women need to be supported to make healthier food choices, but we also need to work with government and industry to make healthy food choices easier. The challenge for public health is to stop telling everyone what they should and shouldn’t do and instead empower women, policy makers and food companies to generate consensus about what needs to be done.” add your opinion Reader OpinionsMost recent opinions are shown first Like Picking Leaves Off A Tree!Posted by Dr. J on 14 Dec 2013 at 2:03 pmThe current and probably future attempts at changing the poor direction of the obesity epidemic is like picking the leaves off a tree! If you want to kill a tree, chop off the roots!
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